Current Research

Working Papers

  • Birkhead, Nathaniel A., Jeffrey J. Harden, and Jason H. Windett. "The Spatial Politics of Backlash." (PDF).
  • Campos, Alejandra, Jeffrey J. Harden, and Austin Bussing. "The Legislative Legacy of Strict Voter Identification Laws." (PDF).
  • Harden, Jeffrey J., Bruce A. Desmarais, Mark Brockway, Frederick J. Boehmke, Scott LaCombe, Fridolin Linder, and Hanna Wallach. "A Diffusion Network Event History Estimator." (PDF).

Research Preregistration

  • Harden, Jeffrey J., Anand E. Sokhey, and Hannah Wilson. "Replications in Context: A Framework for Evaluating New Methods in Quantitative Political Science." (PSRSD) (PDF) (Article).